SQL – A database language


SQL Stands for Structured Query Language.

It is a programming language to interact with databases. By executing SQL queries, we can Access, Insert, Update and Delete the data from databases. In earlier 1970’s, Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce developed SQL at IBM.

Initially it was called as SEQUEL(Structured English Query Language) and later changed to SQL since SEQUEL was the trade mark of a UK based aircraft company.

Note: Some of our friends/colleagues might pronounce this language as SQL. We can pronounce SQL language as SEQUEL as well as SQL.

Nowadays we are using SQL to communicate with Relational database management systems like SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase etc… Even though SQL is more popular language, there are some flaws behind it.

The following can be done with SQL. We can,

  • Fetch the records
  • Insert records into database
  • Delete records from database
  • Update records in database etc…

Since you guys are beginners in SQL, this much theoretical knowledge is enough to move forward. No need to bother about in depth concepts. Trust me, we will discuss them in my future tutorials :)

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