SQL Joes to pros combo pack (Pack of 5 books):

This pack of 5 books were written by Rick A. Morelan for those who wants to clear MCTS certification(70-433). If you follow these books, you will become a good database professional. This is the secret behind my success and I have detailed about these books below. Go through these books and rule the database world. Cheers :)

Beginning SQL Joes 2 Pros: The SQL Hands-On Guide for Beginners – SQL Exam Prep Series 70-433 – Volume 1:

As a part of my MCTS preparation, I have gone through lot of database concepts and books. But this was the first book which i started with. There are lot of books available on database. But I suggest that, this is the best book for a beginner who wants to build their career in database. Rick A. Morelan started this book to provide us the strong foundation in basic database concepts. This book includes, what is database?, DML (Data Manipulation Language), DDL (Data Definition Language), DCL (Data Control Language), TCL (Transaction Control Language) etc…

SQL Queries Joes 2 Pros: SQL Query Techniques For Microsoft SQL Server 2008 – SQL Exam Prep Series 70-433 – Volume 2:

If you wish to be expertise in query writing, this book helps you to learn some advanced concepts in T – SQL like Ranking functions, CTE (Common Table Expressions), Multiple query operators, Compute, Compute By, Data recursion, Sub queries, Table data actions, Merge statement, Output clause etc…

SQL Architecture Basics Joes 2 Pros: Core Architecture concepts – SQL Exam Prep Series 70-433 – Volume 3:

The above two volumes gives you the basic understanding of database concepts and writing queries. In this fast moving world, data grows day by day as the population grows in India :) Of course it is our responsibility to handle huge data. This book teaches you how to handle huge data by providing knowledge on memory allocation for data, data files, log files, file groups, schemas, snapshots, partitioning, indexes etc…

SQL Programming Joes 2 Pros: Programming and Development for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 – SQL Exam Prep Series 70-433 – Volume 4:

As a SQL developer, we should concentrate more on many database objects like  stored procedures, user defined functions, constrains, views, triggers and some great features of SQL Server 2008. This book is very important and if you go through this properly, very soon you will become master.

SQL Interoperability Joes 2 Pros: A Guide to Integrating SQL Server with XML, C#, and PowerShell  – SQL Exam Prep Series 70-433 – Volume 5:

Since the concepts of this book are somehow different, you may feel difficulty. But believe me, you will be satisfied after reading this. This book includes XML modes, XML shredding, XML query, creating .NET applications, SQLCLR and SQL Powershell.

MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (EXAM 70-433): Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database development:

It is a complete reference to crack MCTS(70-433) certification. Of course the above five books contain the same concepts :)  But my suggestion is to go through Joes 2 Pros books and then think about this book. If you start your preparation with this, you may face difficulty in understanding some advanced topics. It will take time to understand these advanced topics. The best way is first go through the above combo pack and then start this. This is the one and only great book for SQL. Please do not ignore this :)

Some more best books for SQL:

1. SQL in a Nutshell

2. SQL Bible