Object Oriented DBMS (OODBMS)


A database management system is said to be object oriented, if the data is stored in the form of objects.

The name itself says that Object Oriented(OO) + Database Management System(DBMS). That means, If we integrate the features of object oriented programming language like C++, Java, C# etc.. and database, the result will be object oriented database management system(OODBMS). It is also called as an object database management system (ODMS). It allows the developers to store the data or modify the data in the form of objects.

Ex: EyeDB, Versant etc..


To understand OODBMS better, we need to have some basic knowledge of OOPS concepts. I hope you are familiar with one of the OOP language. If you are not, please follow the below example.

Employee class has two objects called Deepak Reddy and Vamshi Krishna. Each object stores the data of 3 attributes. As I explained in this example, data will be stored in the form of objects.


The main disadvantage of this kind of DBMS is costly to develop.

We are done with all types of DBMS models. Since we are going to work only on Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), I did not focus much on other models.

Still if you have some doubts on RDBMS, do not worry. All your doubts will be clarified when you go through RDBMS in depth.

So be ready to drown in my future RDBMS tutorials 😛 

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    Clear and nice short explanations….. to build an OODB using java

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