Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system(RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. As we already know that, database stores the data and we can retrieve/modify the data in database. SQL Server is not case sensitive. SQL Server uses T – SQL(Transact Structured Query Language) which is the extension of SQL. If you are strong in SQL basics, you can easily learn T – SQL.

The following are the list of editions of SQL Server:

Enterprise – It contains all features of SQL Server.

Express – It is free edition of SQL Server. We can use this edition for practicing, testing etc…

Standard – It is used for small applications.

Web – Used for web applications.

Work Group – It is used for small to medium applications.

These are some popular editions of SQL Server and there are some more editions like Compact, Azure, Developer etc…

The following are the list of versions of SQL Server:

SQL Server versions

There are some more versions prior to these. But they are not that much popular than these.

Below is the sample User Interface(UI) of SQL Server Management Studio. Do not worry about the below screenshot.

I will explain each and everything in my coming tutorials. Be ready :)

Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft SQL Server is not Case Sensitive.
  • Semicolon(;) at the end of each statement tells the SQL Server that it is the end of the statement and which is optional in SQL Server. But i am going to use semicolon in my future tutorials.

You can download Microsoft SQL Server Express edition from Microsoft website and install as per the instructions given.

Now we can start playing with SQL Server :)

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