Flat File DBMS (FDBMS)

Flat File Database

A flat file database is a database which stores the data in plain text file. It is a database consisting of a single table with no structure and relationship.

This kind of database holds one record in a row and fields are separated by delimiters like commas or tabs spaces or pipe symbols or may have fixed length.

For example, create a text file and write the below text in it.




Flat file

Now save the file. Believe me you have created a flat file database. It is just a simple flat file DBMS which contains only 1 attribute(column) and 3 Tuples(rows).


  • Flat file databases do not link the data in one file to the data in another file.
  • If any application is using a flat file database as source, application itself should have the logic to access that flat file. If you take the above example, application should have the logic inside it to know the data for the first column there¬† from position 1 to 3 in the flat file.
  • It is not easy to find the duplicates in the data.

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