1st Milestone – 100th post from SQLVersity

@Dear SQLVersitians,

On the occasion of publishing my 100th post in http://sqlversity.com/ I heart fully express my happiness to all my friends, colleagues also most importantly all readers of SQLVersity, who made my site successful and inspired me to write lots and lots of articles on SQL Server.

My Blogging career starts from here:

When i was working as an ordinary software engineer in Bangalore(India) Biswajit Nayak(my colleague) who is irregular to office 😛 came to me and asked me for some help which changed my life  :-)

Biswajit: Hey Chandu..!!! Good Morning.

Me: Hi..!!! Good Morning.

Biswajit: Hey Chandu. look at here. I have launched a website on my own.

Me: I was fully surprised and said. oh really…!!!  😮 Wowww….. it is awesome dude. What do you publish in this?

Biswajit: Actually in this website i post articles on new and upcoming technologies.

Me: Oh..that’s great. Congrats dude.

Biswajit: Thanks man.

Then he called everyone in our team and shown the same to them. He got complements from them too.

The next day:

Biswajit: Hey Chandu..!!! As you are preparing for MCTS certification, you might have learned many advanced topics on SQL Server. Can you write a nice article for me so that i can publish in my website?

Me: Sorry man. I have MCTS exam in the next month. You are already aware that i have challenged our team lead that i will clear MCTS in 4 months without following Dumps or previous questions. So i have been preparing for MCTS since 3 months and i am going to take the test in the next month. Right now i can’t help you. But i am sure that i will help you after my exam.

Biswajit: Ok man. Thanks. 

Biswajit: The next day. Chandu can you write at least one article before your exam.

Me: Sorry man. I can’t.

Biswajit: ok.

He repeated the same for 2 more days and i gave the same answer.

But One fine & auspicious day.

Biswajit: Chandu. Can you write an article for me.

Me: I was so irritated and said. Ok man. i will write one article for you. But do not ask me to write few more after that.

Biswajit: Ok chandu. Thanks.

Since i was new to writing articles, i was not aware how to write such kind of technical stuff. So i studied few articles online in the weekend and chosen a topic to write. The topic was Change tracking in SQL Server and i took 2 complete days to finish. After completion, i have forwarded the same to him.

Next day in office.

Biswajit: Hey Chandu. You are great man. Your article is awesome. But i do not want to publish in my website  😮

Me: I was shocked and asked. Why man? Why do not you publish?

Biswajit: By reading this article i can say that you have lot of talent in writing such a great articles. I will do one thing. I will create a blog for you to publish only SQL article in it. is it fine?

I do not want to say NO. Because, if i say NO he will give a big lecture to me. I said ok for the time being. But we will discuss after my exam.

He agreed for that. Finally i have cleared MCTS  :-)

Again the next day in office.

Me: Hey Biswajit. I am free now. Now you tell me what you want to do?

Biswajit: I want to create a blog for you to share SQL articles which will help you to learn more on database and also you can share your knowledge to all database developers in the world.

Me: ok do what ever you want.

Then we started thinking about the name which we should keep to our blog. We took few days time and finalized a name which is ‘SQLVersity’.

Biswajit: If we want to launch a website, we should pay for the domain and space. But blogs are free. Since we are in learning stage, we will start a blog first and then launch a website if we get good response from readers.

Me: Since i don’t know all these things, i said ok fine.

Finally we have created SQLVersity.wordpress.com and as per biswajit’s suggestion we published our first article in codeproject.com to introduce SQLVersity to many users of codeproject. Finally based on the response & complements from readers, we launched SQLVersity.com on 4th Feb 2014 with the following goals and ambitions.

  • Become strong in basics and some advanced concepts
  • Provide Top class tutorials & Articles
  • Make a one stop destination to all DB lovers
  • Become popular in the SQL world
  • Publish books on SQL, T-SQL and MSBI

Many many thanks to Biswajit Nayak for initiating my blogging career and helping me a lot in SQLVersity.

As i told already, my blogging career started by writing an awesome article on Change Tracking in SQL Server which gave confidence to me as an author and filled energy in me to publish more & more articles on SQL Server. Before starting SQLVersity, i was like an ordinary database developer like everyone. But now as a part of writing articles, day by day i am learning many advanced concepts and tricks in database development and able to teach my readers in a very simple manner. 

I forget all my efforts while writing articles when I get precious complements from you all. Once again thank you very much for being part of my success.

SQLVersity Highlights:

  • Published 100 posts in the time span of 10 months.
  • Currently people from more than 130 countries are reading my articles
  • Blog hits: 22,000+
  • Website hits: 16,000+
  • Daily unique visitors: 65
  • Current site price according to checkwebsiteprice.com: $934
  • My first article is still in Google’s top searched list for change tracking
  • 750+ facebook page likes
  • Got appreciation from Pinal Dave for my first article
  • Most importantly i am still working alone without team

Catch me @
Gmail: sqlversity@gmail.com 
FB: http://www.facebook.com/SQLVERSITY  
FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/492117000852355/  
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SQLVersity/515827045124975?ref=hl  
Linked in: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sqlversity 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SQLVERSITY 
Code Project: http://www.codeproject.com/Members/SQLVERSITY

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/108342316263463455323/

Last but not the least Thank you very much for the people who have filled extra energy in me by discouraging regularly. 

Thanks all for making my dream true and ALL THE BEST for your future endeavors. 

Happy New Year  😆

Thank You

Try and Fail. But, don’t Fail to Try  :-)


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